Blogging and Copywriting


Unlike the news section of your web pages, blogs and blogging offer more direct, personal and regular contact with your readers. As we mentioned already about content marketing, to remain visible, original and regular content publishing is one of the key elements for visibility and reach on the internet. Most personalities are not the types to constantly update others on their lives and not everyone has the writing skills to produce interesting, catchy and mobilising blog posts. However, with a bit of practice and studying, you can significantly improve your writing skills.

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Copywriting is one of the most unique skills and is not easy to master. To write texts that are engaging you need to read a LOT and to write a LOT. Nevertheless, for the beginning it is important at least to realize, how copywriting is an important piece in the whole Marketing Promotion Campaigning Web Social networking Design  puzzle.

Unless you have a professional copywriter on your team, try to educate yourself. Here are some very basic tips to get you started:

  1. Know your audience – this is absolutely critical, constantly keep in mind who is the person on the other end, reading your posts
  2. Headlines – there is too much content trying to catch our attention. If the headline is not catchy and “sexy” enough, you have little chance to get people to stumble upon your article. You have probably encountered already how popular articles with headlines saying “10 easy ways how to …” are becoming. Why is that? Well, the headline sends me a message that it will not take much of my time to go through the article behind the link. That’s it.
  3. How-to – people are looking for solutions on the Internet, give it to them in the form of how-to articles, manuals, tutorials
  4. Identify and Solve the Problem – try something like: “Still looking for an original Christmas present? We have it for you”
  5. Prepare a “Top-list” – “Top ten things you need to know about …”
  6. People don’t read, they skim – We don’t have time, there is too much content to consume. Once people click on a link, because the headline was attractive, they will mostly likely not start reading from the first word to the last one. They will scan and “skim” the article to learn whether it is worthwhile to read it all. That is why you should try to highlight interesting and important parts (making them bold or highlighting them)