There are too many conversations going on and information is flying around the internet. Buzzmonitoring is a method of through which you can understand better who is talking about you or certain topics, and it helps you understand trending sentiments and who the influencers are. If you want to reach large audiences with your campaigning and promotion efforts, you cannot do it without an understanding of who is who and where your topic is being discussed.

Buzzmonitoring helps you to:

1. Know who is talking about you or your organisation

2. Be updated in your field

3. Know your supporters and critics

4. Follow conversations

5. Find influencers

Tools – Google Alerts

g alertsProfessional buzzmonitoring and analytics is a bit of a science and is not cheap. So you have to improvise a bit, as usual. There are some free apps available that will help with the basics. Let relevant information come to you, set alerts for relevant keywords, follow relevant people who can filter the internet for you.

Google Alerts – very simple, free and easy to use tool for creating alerts on specific keywords or phrases. Choose keywords, the type of content you are interested in, the region and how often you want to be updated on new stuff via email.

Tools – Talkwalker

talkwalkerBasically Google Alerts, but not from Google.



Tools – – this app is specifically focused on social media and allows you to create up to 5 alerts for free. It also offers some basic analytic features.

Tools – Twitter

twitterTwitter – yes, it is a social network, but it is also a great tool for being updated on who the influencers in your field are and a great human filter of stuff you are interested in. Just follow other experts and opinion-makers in your field and enjoy being on top of updates in the field of your interest.