Image and Public Relations

Image and PR

social-media-logosBesides campaigns, which usually promote certain cause, you also need to promote your organisation or initiative. The strategies, tools and methods may be significantly different than those you used to in a cause campaign. With social media, nonprofits have a new opportunity to reach people. They are no longer dependent on the goodwill of mass media only. Just to be clear, to be featured in one of the main TV channels or print magazines will still bring you enormous visibility, however, you do not have to wait for only this. You can actively seek and use channels that are freely available – social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter and others).

It is not just about Facebook

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If you want to use socially media effectively, forget about just posting stuff to Facebook, hoping to reach a ton of people! It is no longer that easy. You need to do way more to remain visible, relevant and popular.

  • Listen to the internet – Follow the buzz, find influencers, let others find you
  • Create original content in attractive format
  • Share the content effectively
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