Images and Video

Images and Video

These formats offer the most simple way to consume a message. You don’t have to be a photographer or film maker to be able to produce some nice quality pictures for your social media profiles. There are a few basic tips and tricks that can improve the quality of your pictures and videos significantly.

If you are planning to use video in your campaigns (and you should), all you need to know about video activism is here at


Learn from Vimeo Video School Tutorials

Vimeo offers a great free online school for those who want to learn the basics of video shooting and film making. Learn from tutorials like this one:

Other Cool Apps – Vine

This app is often called video twitter. On twitter, your posts are limited to 160 characters. On Vine, your video posts are limited to 6 seconds. Is it too short? Maybe, but who has time to watch long boring videos? The way you shoot is different than what you are used to with camera or phone. On Vine, you need to hold the button to take footage. This way, you can take several shots within 6 seconds and end up with a full video with no additional editing

Other Cools Apps –

instagramThis photo sharing social network gained popularity primarily for its features that can make any photograph look great and artistic. A variety of filters are easy to apply and sharing is super easy. Instagram also enables you to shoot short videos and unlike Vine, you can take up to 15 seconds of footage.