Original Content & Attractive Format

Content is the King

Content Marketing

Infographic-60seconds-LargeOne of the key principles of successful communication, visibility and promotion on the Internet is the ability to provide original, regular and attractive content. This is also called the Content Marketing. One thing is to have good content, the second is to present it in an attractive format, such as:

Images and Videos

Comics and Cartoons


Infographics (and other data visualisations)

People Share the Most …

Even if you have great things to say or good content it needs to be put into the right format. Look at what people share the most:

share the most

No surprise. People don’t have time to read. There is just too much content to read, watch, consume. Images are the quickest and easiest way to consume a message. Usually there are not too many words, you don’t have to wait to load them and you don’t need to watch them for a longer period of time (like video).