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Meet Mark Galeotti

There are many reasons behind the rise of “fake news”. At times, it is created and spread for fun, to get attention or to make money, but political motives can also fuel it. Disinformation can shake the public and the pillars of liberal democracies. However, security analyst Mark Galeotti warns against letting the disinformation campaigns to divert our attention from the more complex understanding of real threats and effective counter-measures. 

Enjoy Mark´s opinion piece for The New York Times.

Mark Galeotti is a senior research fellow at the Institute of International Relations Prague and a lecturer at the Department of Security Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, at Charles University in Prague. He is an expert and prolific author on transnational crime and Russian security affairs. Previously, he was Professor of Global Affairs at the Center for Global Affairs at New York University. Before moving to NYU, he was head of the history department at Keele University, visiting professor of public security at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers–Newark and senior research fellow at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (1996–97). He has also been a visiting professor at MGIMO (Moscow).