Social Networks

Social Networks

Maybe you are wondering how it is possible that in a social media course we are getting to the topic of social media at the very end of the course. It is because this is the point we feel most strongly about. Despite the hype about social media such as Facebook or Twitter nothing really changed about the need to understand how important it is to:

Plan your strategy

Filter relevant content and identify influences

Produce original content in attractive format

Once you have all of it, you have a pretty good chance that your next Facebook post will reach a good amount of people and that the video you have produced will go viral. Utilize Facebook and other social media to put you message across.

Which social networks should I use?

Before you start creating profiles on all social networks out there, make an assessment of your target audience. How do these people consume information and which sources do they use? Most social networks are free, but the time and energy you have to invest is precious. Be careful in deciding where to put your focus. Facebook is likely to be the most popular social network in your country. Invest time and energy there. In many countries, Twitter is far from being that popular, however, the users of Twitter are different. Twitter users are generally more active and informative. Many opinion makers, such as journalists, politicians and activists are active Tweeters. So you should consider building your networks there as well.

Facebook Campaign Inspiration – Leon Vivien

It doesn’t hve to be just a facebook page of your organisation that represents you on this social network. There are several examples of how you can creativel yuse facebook to bring attention to a given topic. Like this one.


Viral Sharing

Television is about broadcasting, social media is about sharing. It will probably be your goal to convince your audience to share your content with their friends and followers. It is not easy. There are no easy guidelines on how to create content that will become viral like these videos for example. In general, people like funny videos, shocking videos, cute animals and violence. Ask yourself if you can or want to provide such content, here are few basic tips that can help you become VIRAL:

  • Keep it short
  • Theme – usually parody, strong emotions and shock work
  • Do pre-testing with focus group
  • Promote – choose the right time a seed video to as many platforms as possible
  • Ask influencers to share