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Welcome to Transitions’ distance course on Social Media in a Box.

Held as part of the Capturing Capacity Building and Connecting the Dots projects, this live course marks the beginning of an initiative by Transitions and ten partner organizations from Central and Eastern Europe to collect, improve and create widely available online learning resources for a range of civil society activists in the wider Eurasia region. As part of this initiative, such resources, which are now scattered on different sites, often only used for internal purposes and usually only available in one language, will be made available on a new,  multilingual e-learning platform modeled on the renowned TechChange platform.

Along with providing instruction on key topics related to the use of social media in civil society initiatives, this initial course will very much be a structured guide that will direct you to other relevant links and resources. As it is a standalone course, interactivity with the trainer is limited. Nevertheless, it gives you opportunity to explore this field yourself. It is our intention to build a user-friendly platform featuring learning and networking resources that address real needs as articulated by civil society activists themselves, therefore we strongly encourage you to tell us what you and colleagues from your country or walk of civic activism would find useful.

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