1.1 Basics of News Reporting

Learn the basics of good journalism. This module will cover:

Basics of balanced reporting and attractive storytelling
Specifics and processes of investigative journalism
Verification of information
Introduction to Solutions Journalism
How to report in COVID emergencies

1) Video course: How to write brief news in 10 minute? https://yenijurnalist.org/videocourse/4/

Website: New Journalist

2) Television Journalism (textbook): https://rm.coe.int/1680708278

3) New media journalism (textbook): https://rm.coe.int/16806fe310

4) Radio journalism (textbook): https://rm.coe.int/1680708277

5) Newsmaking (textbook): http://elibrary.bsu.az/books_rax/N_307.pdf