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Solutions Journalism: landing page

Solutions Journalism: Report on Effective Responses to Society’s Problems

Want to catch up on one of the fastest-growing trends in journalism today?

Get introduced to solutions journalism in this two-hour course led by the Transitions team!

Are you tired of reporting bad news? Learn how to inspire your readers without sacrificing your journalistic integrity with our 30-minute crash course on solutions journalism. This course consists of five lessons, several interactive exercises, a short video on how to do SoJo, and links to additional resources from the Solutions Journalism Network.

Jeremy Druker, executive director of Transitions, leads the course

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
1) Define solutions journalism and identify SoJo “imposters”
2) Explain the key criteria of solutions journalism
3) Get started on a SoJo story
4) Pitch a solutions-oriented story.

Are you ready to inspire readers and report on solutions to important social problems?

Why Transitions?

Transitions is a partner of the Solutions Journalism Network, spreading the concept throughout Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Turkey. We have run dozens of SoJo workshops and trained hundreds of journalists and students. We provide capacity-building for educators. Our flagship online magazine, Transitions, regularly features solutions journalism.


“The course will definitely be something I know will be incredibly useful in the future — the course got me over my fear of going into another country and producing a story — the entire course was worth it because of that fact.”
~ Jennifer, Foreign Correspondent Course Alumna

Very impressive overall. Really appreciate the diversity and experience level of the trainers. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to break into the trade. ~ Justin, Tales of Transitions Course Alumnus

“All of the sessions were very good. The high calibre of presenters, their broad range of experience and their approach to journalism should have been invaluable for participants.”
~ Participant, Foreign Correspondent Course Alumnus